5 things to keep in mind if you want to be a gentleman on a first Japanese date with Japanese girl

“First Date” is something which either can be a magical experience or total disaster. First date impression always depends on how your dating will go on and if there will be any continuous meetings. Most of the people are scared about meeting someone for the first time, and there’s nothing wrong with it. The first date might be a nightmare if you are going to see someone outside your culture rank and ethnical background. Even though multicultural dates are very popular, they seem to give more nerves and stress than having a date with someone from your hood. Today we are going to move to Japan, and give you a few tricks & tips. Going to have a first date with a Japanese girl? We will tell you how to make it successful from the start and be a 100% gentleman.

1. Make her laugh

A smile can break even the hardest barrier and there’s no doubt about it. Breaking the ice is an important factor while first date meeting. If you have a good mood and positive vibes around, your Japanese dating partner will follow up a good atmosphere between the two of you. Japanese people might have a little bit different sense of humour than “gaijins” (foreigners in Japanese) but what is matter is not a number of jokes but their quality. If she will keep smiling back and laugh at your jokes, be prepared for more dates coming up soon.

2. Give her time to rest

Does your Japanese girl look like she is getting tired of your jokes and fooling around? Give her a break and time to rest. There’s nothing more wrong than trying to keep someone's entertainment, while the person is a little fed up with this. Japanese girls are rather shy so will never tell you directly to stop having a blast. Pay attentions to her movements and body language. She is like an open book If you can read her properly!

3. Pay the bill

Paying the bill is the most uncomfortable situation at the end of every date or a meeting. Even if it’s your first date you shall take the responsibility and pay the bill. Some girls might order most expensive things and expect you to pay for them from the start. In this situation you shall propose to split the bill if you feel like getting cheated a bit.

4. Talk about her

Cheap compliments are never a good thing to start with but sharing same passion and topics to talk about are very acceptable. Give her a full focus and be interested in what she is talking about. Always nod your head in order to let her know that you are a good listener. Praise what she is talking about and ask questions.

5. Be the host

As we mention above, Japanese girls are rather shy and on the very first date they might be rather closed and not showing many emotions. To make her feel more open-minded and not that shy at first, try to be her host. Japanese girls like to be guided around, and like guys who are making decisions on where to go and what to eat. However give her an ability to speak up and ask about a favourite place to hang out.

Those guys who can do basic manners might win a Japanese girl’s heart in a quick matter of time. Remember to be yourself and never force into a date you do not really wish to attend.

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