Five ways to impress a Japanese woman

Japan is an amazing and extremely exotic country in Asia, with a beautiful and one of the kind women to date with. Japanese girls are well known around the world because of their beauty features and kind character. Many guys across the globe would be willing to date with them and make lifetime relationships. Some of them do have a chance however, not all of them knows how to impress a Japanese woman!

If you are dreaming about a Japanese girl from your dreams, we are here to make you prepare and give few pieces of advice on how to impress those Asian chicks.

1. Be a gentleman

Being a gentleman might sound easy but actually it’s a hard game especially if you are about to meet someone from a different culture. Even if you were born with basic manners, it’s time to learn something extra since some of the good stuff from western culture are not going to work at all in Asia. Japanese people are shy and rather closed-minded at first meeting, so knowing their culture is a MUST. Let’s talk about this in next point.

2. Know the culture

Knowing different cultures will expand your point of view and way of thinking. It’s a win-win situation. Not only you will become smarter in a matter of ethical backgrounds but also you can steal a Japanese woman’s heart easily. The easiest way to impress someone is being interested in this person’s culture and family background.

3. Guide her

As we mention in the previous article (5 things to keep in mind if you want to be a gentleman on a first Japanese date with Japanese girl) Japanese girls love to be guided and see that you are taking initiative. It will blow her mind and let her think that you are the proper guy to date with. However, do not play the first role all the time. Listen to her suggestions and try to make her dreams come true. You will be rewarded with everlasting love.

4. Learn Japanese

By learning the language we do not mean that on your first date even you shall speak in native-level Japanese. It’s impossible and your date knows about this as well. However, it’s always a good start to impress her by saying basic words like Hello (ohayō) or thank you (arigatou gozaimasu) or try to order a meal by using Japanese. Such method to break the ice works not only in Japan but across the world.

5. Be creative

Same date ideas are never fun and might be boring from the very beginning. Instead of inviting her to a cinema or restaurant try to be creative and think it over. Imagine where you wish to be taken on a first date or slightly ask her about suggestions. You shall know that most of Japanese girls love cute stuff (kawaii in Japanese) so surprise her with something pinkish and awesome for example Hello Kitty Café.

Those 5 ways written above are just basic rules to winning a Japanese girls’ hearts and might not apply to all ladies out there. The best advice ever given to anyone who is struggling to get love and affection is just “Be Yourself” advice, and we will stick to this.

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