Why do Japanese women love dating a white man?

Multicultural relationships expanded their popularity in the past few years. People across the globe are interested in a meet & greet others within different cultural backgrounds. There’s no doubt that Asian-Western relations are getting stronger and are already approved by society.
Some of them might have “yellow fever” which means an attraction ONLY to Asians in a negative meaning. Today however, we will think why do Japanese woman love to date western guys? Let’s find out!

1. Different culture
This is the main factor, why international dating is popular and why Japanese girls are hooked into western guys. Different culture might be lots of joy and blast into a relationship but also lots of tears and stress. You need to be prepared for both. Japanese people seem to have a tendency to like western culture a lot, especially American one. If you are from the USA you are good to go!

2. Want to escape & living abroad
We do think that Japan is a beautiful country however some of the people here still prefer to escape and living abroad. Having a partner from another place in the world is a great opportunity to move out and start a living on the other side of the globe. Unfortunately some of the Japanese women might be sneaky enough and date western guys only for visa and moving out purposes however it’s not that common.

3. Want to try something new and date out of curiosity
Being curious is a natural thing and some of the mixed Asian-Western couples’s claim that they started to the date of a curiosity. Just to “check” how it’s like. Unfortunately most of the love stories like this do not have a happy end. If you are really interested in checking it out, we recommend one-night stands, instead of making a hope for love to someone who you are going to date for a “trial”.

4. Matter of size
There’s a saying that “size matters” and in some of the cases we need to agree on that. There’s a superstition that western guys have bigger sizes, however it doesn’t apply to all white skinned men. Penis size shouldn’t be a problem if there are love and huge commitment between the couple. Apart of this, sexologists claim that even 2 cm penis can give orgasm and pleasure to a partner.

5. Westerns are sexually free
Is it said that Asians are more conservative when it comes to sexuality, dating and have one-night stands. Westerns are rather more open minded about those matters and it makes them more attractive to Asians. Apart from penis size white guys are great in bed, much more experienced and careful while playing around with a partner. Japanese girls, who are willing to experience something new in bed, always choose western guys over domestic and local ones.

There is no doubt that Japanese ladies like to date & hang out with Westerns. It might bring new experiences and positive vibes to their lives. If you ever thought about mingle with an Asian girl, Japan might be your spot to start!

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